Storage containers may seem like a simple and straightforward household item. They are commonly used to store extra clothes, holiday decorations, and seasonal items that you don't need year-round. But did you know that these versatile containers can be used for a lot more than just storage? Their durability, portability, and compact design make them ideal for repurposing and use as unique home décor and organization solutions. Here's a short list of five alternate uses for storage containers that you may have never considered before.

DIY Herb Garden

If you have limited space for a garden, a storage container can come in handy. A medium-sized container with drainage holes can be filled with potting soil and used to grow herbs indoors or outside in sunny areas. Not only does this make for a unique and trendy herb garden, but it's also a convenient way to have fresh herbs for cooking right at your fingertips.

Home Office Organization

Storing office supplies can be tricky, but using storage containers can provide a simple solution. A small or medium-sized container can be used to hold pens, pencils, and other office supplies, while a larger container can hold printer paper and files. Decorating the containers can add a personalized touch to your home office, and you can easily move them around as needed.

Art Supply Station

Have kids that love to draw and paint? Create a designated art space with storage containers. A medium container can hold coloring books and paper, while smaller ones can hold markers, crayons, and paintbrushes. This not only provides a fun and creative space for the kids but also keeps all their art supplies organized and in one place.

Toy Chest

Kids and toys can take over the house quickly if you don't have a designated space for them. A large, durable storage container with a lid is an inexpensive alternative to traditional toy chests. It can hold large toys and board games and can be stacked under beds or in closets when not in use. Plus, it's lightweight and easy to move around from room to room.

Pet Food Storage

Pet food can take up valuable space in the pantry or kitchen. Using a large storage container with a lid can provide an organized and efficient way to store pet food bags. Label the container with your pet's name, and it becomes a personalized storage solution. This can also work for storing birdseed, fertilizer, or any other pet-related items.

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