When you have a need for a replacement for a plastic chair mat in your home office or regular office, act quickly. Your chair mats can be replaced as an entire unit or you can just replace one chair mat at a time.

Glass chair mats need to be replaced less frequently than their plastic counterparts do. However, plastic chair mats can be cheaper and more flexible than glass chair mats. Both have their benefits. If your plastic chair mats need to be replaced, visit your local furniture or office supply store and you can look through their selection to see what works best for your needs.

Do your plastic chair mats need to be replaced? A quick visual should tell you what you need to know. This guide can help you as well.

Your plastic chair mats are yellowed

Plastic mats will yellow with age and wear, no matter how nice they are and how well you care for them. The reason for this varies but is often due to normal wear and tear of the plastic mats and exposure to the sun's rays. A replacement for a plastic chair mat should be considered if your chair mats are yellowed and dingy or cloudy.

Your plastic chair mats are cracked or chipped

If your plastic chair mats are chipped or cracked, they pose a danger to your employees in the office. They may break while they are in use or cause a tripping hazard. Taping or temporarily fixing the chair mats can help to a degree, but in the end, doing an entire replacement of the chair mats is what you'll need to do.

Your plastic chair mats are older

More modern versions of your existing plastic chair mats may be available. Perhaps newer plastic chair mats are made with UV-resistant materials or are made of recycled materials. Maybe you need plastic chair mats in a different color. Maybe plastic chair mats are just worn and dated and take away from the allure of your office overall. Whatever your reasoning is for getting new plastic chair mats, make sure you explore your options and know your budget before making your final decision.

A furniture or office supply specialist can help you find the best replacement for plastic chair mat options in your area. Choose your budget and start shopping today. Replacing all your plastic chair mats is ideal so they all look new and give your office the appeal you desire.  

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