The windows of your home provide your home interior with natural sunlight, a beautiful view of the outdoors, and fresh air from the outdoors. However, your home's windows can benefit from blinds or draperies to manage the flow of sunlight and their view at various times of the day and season, so they make a smart addition to your home interior. The following provides you with some recommendations to make your home comfortable with window blinds.

Fit to the Window

When you use blinds in your windows to keep your home interior protected and comfortable, there are a few different details you should consider. Install the blinds so that they fit within the space properly and there is not a large gap at either side of the blinds where the blinds sit inside the window frame. Depending on the width of the window and the standard length of your blinds, this might be a one-half inch on either side but sometimes it can be a bit more. Look for custom-fit blinds that are made specifically for your window space. You can usually order blinds that are custom fit through a professional blind installer. They will measure your window's dimensions and build a custom blind to fit within the space, eliminating any window gap that can let in sunlight or the view of your neighbors. 

If you are unable to order custom blinds, you can choose the standard size of blinds that best fits your window, then use some draperies or curtains to help close the gap. Install a set of curtains with a curtain rod attached above the window. Make sure the curtain rod extends from either side of the window so you can open the curtains fully to see the entire window and let in the full amount of sunlight that you want. However, when you want to block the window gap, use the curtains to hang over the gap. This option not only has a decorative look but it also frames your windows and accentuates your room design with color.

Manage Your Blinds

Once you have the right window blinds installed, you might be unsure of how to use them for the most effective experience. Window blinds can be rotated to close in two different directions, and the blinds can be completely opened when you retract them upwards. Whether your blinds are automatic, cordless, or made of plastic, metal, or wooden slats, the direction of the slats will make a big difference in your interior environment.

When you want to keep direct sunlight out of your space, close the slats so they are pointed in an upward-slanted position. This blocks sunlight from falling onto the floor or furniture, and it prevents any glare from coming into the window if you want the room dark, such as when you are watching television. Closing the blinds to slant downward will let in some natural light to illuminate the room and give the blinds a smooth appearance for the room's natural design.