In addition to causing damage, a mice infestation in your home can be potentially dangerous, as mice are known to harbor several illnesses, including Hantavirus and leptospirosis. Utilizing mouse traps to eliminate the infestation is an effective and inexpensive strategy, but only if you use the traps correctly. Here are a few common mouse trap mistakes that you might be making.

Using Too Few Mouse Traps

Whether you have seen one mouse or five, chances are there could be more mice lurking in your home than you expect. No matter what type of trap you choose, make sure to install at least two to three traps for every mouse you suspect is in your home. If you have seen three mice, this means that at a minimum you should set at least six to nine traps throughout your home.

Setting the Trap Incorrectly

Now that you have enough traps, it is time to set the traps throughout your home. When setting the traps, one of the first steps is placing the bait. There are several options for bait available, including peanut butter, cheese, deli meat, marshmallows, cat food, or bait pellets. Whatever type of bait you choose, always wear gloves when handling and placing the bait.

The mice will smell your scent on the bait and will stay away from the trap. Additionally, only place a small amount of bait on the trap. If you place a giant dollop of peanut butter or a huge chunk of cheese, the mouse will be able to gingerly remove a piece of the bait without setting off the trap.

Setting Traps in the Wrong Areas

Mice will typically come out at night and will scurry near the walls or stay in cabinets to remain safe and hidden. Place your mouse traps in the room where you notice the most activity, such as your attic, along the walls and inside cabinets. Space the mouse traps a few feet apart. Avoid placing mouse traps in the middle of the room or any open area, as mice will typically avoid these spots.

Expecting to Catch Mice on the First Night  

Check your mouse traps daily, but do not expect to catch any mice on that first night. Mice are curious but cautious creatures, and it may take them a few nights to get up the courage to investigate the mouse traps and go after the bait.

Catching mice in traps can be effective, but it cannot always eliminate the infestation in your home. If you are dealing with a pest problem, calling a mice pest control company can be a quick way to get rid of the pests and keep them from returning.