Most washing machines have one dedicated bin that holds your dirty laundry, but when you browse the variety of machines at your local appliance store, you'll often come across options that have a different design. A dual washing machine is a machine that has two separate bins. Some models look like a traditional front-load washer, but you'll also notice a door toward the bottom of the machine that holds a second bin for washing clothing. There are lots of advantages of using a dual washing machine, including the following points.

Larger Loads

A major reason that a lot of people buy dual washing machines is that they do can larger loads of laundry. For families with lots of members, laundry is a constant task. Instead of doing one or two light loads and one or two dark loads a week, you might find that you're doing at least one load of laundry every day just to ensure your family members have clean clothing. You'll appreciate a dual washing machine because of its large capacity. For example, if you usually have two loads of white laundry to wash at the end of the weekend, you can divide it between the machine's two bins and do all of it in one wash cycle instead of two.

Lights And Darks Simultaneously

A dual washing machine can be appealing even if you don't have a large family. Another advantage of this design is that you can do a load of light laundry and a load of dark laundry at the same time, rather than doing one after the other. This approach will dramatically cut down on the amount of time that you spend doing laundry each week. For example, if your current washer takes about an hour to run one complete cycle, you'll need two hours to do back-to-back cycles. With a dual machine that takes care of both loads concurrently, you'll cut your washing time in half.

Less Noise

By being able to complete both a light and dark cycle at the same time, you'll be reducing the amount of time that you hear your washer running. Even though many modern washing machines are fairly quiet, you might still be aware of the sound that this appliance makes when you're close to it. If you have a home office near your laundry room, for example, you'll appreciate not having to hear the machine more than necessary. Running one cycle that takes care of both your light and dark clothing means that you'll hear the appliance's noise less than if you were to run separate cycles.

Keep this in mind as you look at different washers