Luxury interior design is all about opulence and comfort. It's a theme that never goes out of style. If you are aiming for luxury, there are interior designers that specialize in luxury interior design and can help you realize your vision for your home. When you consult a luxury interior designer, keep these important aspects of the look in mind. 

1. Space 

Luxury interiors are big on space. When you are planning a home interior with an interior designer, try to make the most of that space. Open things up and go vertically wherever you can. A cathedral-like spaciousness can make any house feel luxurious. Ask your interior designer how you can make your space feel open and large. Try capitalizing on vertical space by clearing out unnecessary walls or levels. 

2. Color 

Luxury has been traditionally associated with certain colors throughout history. Purple was equated with royalty because no one else could afford the dye. Today purple can still give a room a luxury feel. Similarly, gold is linked with wealth in most people's minds.

Color can be a statement, and you can saturate your space with it for a rich feeling or use it sparingly for bold statement pieces. Light colors on the wall can open a space up, but dark colors can give a room delicious depth. You should consult your interior designer to help you decide on colors that will look best with the light you have and the space that you are working with. 

3. Light 

Light is important in any interior design project, but it can be especially important in luxury interior design. Along with space, a lot of natural light makes a room feel grandiose instead of crowded. Carefully selected artificial lighting can make a dark library or bedroom feel spacious and luxurious instead of small and cozy.  An interior designer can help you decide on the right light for every room. 

4. Conversation Pieces 

Conversation pieces are the finishing touch in a room. They are the little trinkets or pieces of art that people's eyes will be immediately drawn to. A luxury interior uses conversation pieces to make the room seem opulent. These pieces should look good with the overall design and mean something to you personally. Artworks are a great way to step up the level of luxury in any space. An interior designer can help you find the right conversation pieces for your room.