Using mulch effectively can make a huge difference in the appearance of your landscape. However, not all mulch is the same. Choosing the right color and type of mulch will help you achieve the best outcome, whether you are using your mulch strictly for accenting your yard or to help reduce erosion or water runoff. Following a few important tips will help you make the most of your mulch.

Choose the right color

To achieve a pleasing aesthetic value in your landscape, choose a color of mulch that complements the style and color of your home and outdoor buildings. Mulch in brownish-red tones will look nice with homes and outdoor buildings constructed of brick or with redwood siding. Choose a dark brown mulch to complement homes and buildings constructed with stucco, stone, or light-colored siding.

Consider your overall landscape

Mulch should be an accent rather than the main player in your landscape. Make sure you have an adequate number of shrubs, flowers, trees, and vegetation to act as the focal point of your landscape. Apply mulch in small amounts around shrubs and vegetation to help them stand out without distracting from their beauty.

Balance is important

If you wish to achieve an eye-appealing balance in your outdoor space, consider using mulch with other accents, such as landscaping stones. White stones with dark mulch will create a striking and pleasing contrast in your lawn. Use larger stones with fine mulch and smaller stones with coarse mulch to create balance.

Choose from a reliable source

Bad mulch can cause major landscape issues later. Always choose mulch from a reliable source to avoid getting mulch that may be tainted with weed seeds. This can occur when mulch piles are stored next to a weeded area, such as an open field.

Consider not using material under mulch

It is a popular tradition to place plastic sheets under mulch to prevent weed growth. However, mulch that is in direct contact with soil can improve the soil quality, especially if you are using an organic hardwood mulch that breaks down. Plastic can also show through the mulch over time, which can distract from its aesthetic value.

Mulch is a popular addition to many landscapes and for good reason. Not only does mulch add color and style to an outdoor space, but it can also help prevent water runoff and erosion. Choosing the best mulch for your landscaping project, and using it effectively, can transform your lawn from mediocre to magnificent.