Has your central air conditioning system become loud and inefficient? It is either time for you to invest in getting a new home air conditioning installation, or a little professional maintenance might be the only thing that is needed. Take a look at this article for some information that might give you a general idea of what is wrong with your central air conditioner.

1. The Air Handler Is Worn Out

The reason your air conditioning system is making a lot of noise can stem from a bad air handler. The air handler can become noisy when the blower fan is broken. System inefficiency will also occur from a broken blower fan because it is the part that produces air. If the fan is the only faulty part inside of the air handler, a contractor can simply replace it to fix the problem. However, if multiple parts are damaged, you need to get a new air handler installed because it is one of the most vital parts to the system.

2. There is a Lot of Dirt in the System

If you have had your central air conditioning system for a long time and never invested in professional cleaning, it can cause numerous energy efficiency problems. There are some parts of the system that will not properly function when they are covered in dirt, such as the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is just as important as the air handler because it cools down the air that travels through the ducts. Basically, dirt prevents air from touching the evaporator coil and getting cold. A dirty filter, air ducts and air handler parts can also cause problems with energy efficiency.

3. Your Air Conditioner is Old

Although making repairs to a central air conditioning system is usually possible to bring it back to a satisfactory condition, a replacement is sometimes required. No matter how many repairs you make to an old air conditioner, the results of the repairs will often be short-lived. You will then have to keep investing money on more repairs, which is not a wise thing to do financially. The best thing that you can do for an old central air conditioning system is get it inspected to find out if it is worth keeping any longer. Reserve a date for a contractor to visit your home and let you know why your air conditioner is so loud and inefficient.