Even if it is raining outside you can still feel sunny by adding a few things to your exterior. You can then enjoy watching the rain as it provides your lawn and flowers with the water they need to grow. One way to do this is by using a rain chain. Rain chains add a beautiful melodious sound outside every time it rains, and are a beautiful alternative to your traditional gutter downspouts. As it rains, the rain flows from your gutters down the rain chain and makes a soft tinkling sound as it flows. Below is some more information about rain chains so you can decide if this is something you would like for your home.

Types of Rain Chains

You can choose a rain chain that uses the traditional link design. Water does splash more, however, so take this into consideration if the rain chain will be placed near a door, walkway, or windows.

There are also rain chains that use small cups that have open bottoms. As the water flows down it goes from one cup to the next all the way down the chain.

Rain chains with cups can be placed anywhere as they will only splash a little even if you are having a heavy rainfall. The cups come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For example, there are cups that are shaped like hummingbirds or you could choose fluted cups. There are also things like flowers, stars, and other shapes that you can use to make the rain chain look unique. Rain chains are generally made of copper so they hold up very well to the outdoor elements.

Rain Chains to Catch Water

To make the rain chain functional, you can put the end of the chain in a rain barrel or other water reservoir to catch water for later use, such as to water a garden. If you use a rain barrel, the end of the rain chain is placed into the spigot hole so the water flows inside the barrel. If the spigot hole is too large, you can order a kit from the rain chain manufacturer to make it smaller.

You can also use a beautiful large ceramic bowl for the water to flow into.  Add some colorful garden rocks to the bowl. You can purchase rocks from a hardware store or a garden center.

Contact a rain chain dealer in your area or online to learn more about them. They are generally easy to install and is something you can do on your own.