If you are intrigued by birds and are ready to get started in the exciting hobby of birding, you're not alone. Birding is a hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages with good reason.  Observing birds is fun, easy, and the start-up cost is relatively small.

You only need five things to get started. Once you have the basics in place, you will be on your way to watching and learning about the birds in your own backyard.

Wooden bird houses

Bird houses made of wood are durable and long lasting. They will provide adequate protection for nesting birds. They will also give the birds a place to seek shelter during harsh weather.

Shop for wooden bird houses that have a drop-down door on the side or bottom. The door will make it easy to clean the bird house and help prevent the risk of disease from being spread among the birds.

Bird feeders and seed

Nothing draws birds to your yard like food. Choose enclosed bird feeders with tight-fitting lids that will keep moisture out of the seed. Look for feeders that will hold several pounds of seed at once to lessen the amount of time you have to spend refilling the feeder.

A tube-style feeder, suet holder, and platform feeder are all good choices for getting started. You can always add other feeders later if desired.

Black oil sunflower seeds are the best choice of food for attracting multiple species of birds to your yard.


A good pair of binoculars is typically the most expensive piece of birding equipment you will need. Fortunately, binocular optics have advanced a lot in recent years, and you can often find great binoculars in the lower price range.

Try binoculars out in the store before you buy them, and buy the best pair you can afford. Look for optics that are waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable to use.

A field guide

An easy-to-read field guide is important for birders. There are several on the market. A good field guide will help you learn to identify birds. It will also contain information about bird habitat, specific bird calls, and will contain photos of each bird.

Look for compact guides that are easy to carry with you when birding. Guides with color photos are good choices for beginners.

A notebook

Buy a small notebook that will fit into a pocket easily. Choose one with pages that are sewn in rather than a loose-leaf notebook. You can record bird sightings in your notebook.

You can also begin a life list in the back of your notebook. Many birders enjoy keeping a list of all the birds they've seen.

Some birders like to sketch drawings of the birds and use colored pencils to document specific markings on the birds. You can also use your notebook to write down any unusual bird behavior, the time of day the bird was seen, and the month and date it was seen.

Once you have some basic birding supplies in place, you will be ready to head outdoors on your first official birding adventure. Birding is a great hobby. It's a hobby that can go anywhere you go and one you will enjoy throughout your entire life.

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