Moving within the same apartment complex may be desirable for a number of reasons, ranging from needing more space in a larger apartment unit to being unhappy with the location of your specific unit. Whatever the reason may be for switching to a different unit, you will need to make arrangements for this upcoming move. Since you will not need a moving truck, it is best to start planning ahead of time with this short-distance move in mind.

Avoid Packing Up Everything for a Short Move

Thorough packing may not be necessary for all of your belongings if you are staying in the same complex. While some smaller items should be placed into cardboard boxes for easy transportation, it is best to keep your furniture, sheets, and other bulkier items out of boxes so that they can be carried to the new unit.

Consider Minimum Times for Moving Companies

If you are set on hiring a moving company for your upcoming move, it is important to look into what kinds of limits they set. Some moving companies require customers to hire them for a minimum of two hours, for example, so you will need to discuss your situation and whether a certain company would be a good fit for your unique move.

Speak to the Maintenance Workers at the Complex

In some cases, you may find that the maintenance workers at your apartment complex can help with the move itself. This may be an affordable way to move to your new home without getting outside help and ensures that the people you hire are already familiar with the area.

Discuss Whether the Lease Transfers to the New Unit

Speak to your landlord or the property manager when planning for the cost of the new unit. The lease may carry over to the new unit, eliminating the need for signing another lease if you live in a complex that requires six-months or a year in writing.

Get a Quote in Writing Before the Day of the Move

If you are hiring a moving company, you will need to ask about the costs involved for a move of this size and duration. To prevent any overcharging, you should make sure to get the quote for the move in writing ahead of time.

Taking the time to plan for your upcoming move will make all the difference in your happiness with the new unit. While staying in the same apartment complex takes away some of the common issues with moving, you will still need to make plans with a smaller move in mind. For more ideas, contact a company like Midway Moving & Storage.