A beautiful patio is often the focal point of any landscape. But when it rains, water can accumulate and pool, leaving you unable to use it until the sun evaporates the water. If you're installing a brick paver patio installed, install a drainage system first to prevent rainwater from mistaking your patio for its new home.

Step 1: Measure the Path

Measure the width and length of the space where you want the patio. Doing so saves you time and money, because you know how much material to purchase. Take into consideration any curves the patio may take as well.

Step 2: Grab Your Supplies and Tools

Once you know your measurements, head to a big box hardware store or landscaping nursery and pick up the following:

  • a shovel
  • a soil rake
  • a hoe
  • sand, optional
  • drainage rock
  • pavers (ask the associate for the amount needed for your measurement)
  • one 3-4 inch drainage pipe (the length of your patio)
  • a broom

Step 3: Dig the Patio and Trench

Using the shovel, and hoe if necessary, dig out your patio, lifting away existing soil, grass and stones. If there is no clay in your soil, dig your patio 4 inches deep the entire way. If you find clay or other poorly draining soil, dig the patio 6 inches deep, since clay soil is harder to drain.

Once the patio is carved out, smooth the area with the rake, and then dig a shallow 4-inch trench along the middle of the space.

Step 4: Insert the Drainage Pipe

Lay the drainage pipe into the small trench you dug. This will help the patio stay in place by draining most of the water through the pipe. Cover the pipe with drainage rock, which will act as a good foundation for the pavers.

Step 5: Lay Out the Pavers

Smooth a 1-2 inch layer of sand over the drainage rock. Gently lay the pavers right on top of sand. Once the pavers are in the pattern you desire, fill in the gaps between each paver with more sand. Sweep the top of the pavers with a broom, so that more of it settles into the cracks.

Expect to spend several hours to an entire weekend on this project, as you'll be doing a lot of digging and moving pavers around to get them in the exact location and pattern you want. Ask your landscaper for more ideas on obtaining the perfect patio with the best drainage system possible.

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