Your big move can be a big challenge if you do not take the steps to maximize your storage space and also protect your furniture in the back of your moving truck. But the process of packing your furniture can be a fun puzzle if you follow these steps.

Use as Much Space as Possible

The goal of packing a moving truck is to leave as few holes as possible. The more unused space, the fewer possessions you will be able to take without securing a second moving truck. This is more easily done if you load the largest objects into the truck first. Then, it'll be easier to position smaller objects in the free spaces.

One exception to the above rule is if you have a lot of boxes that are equal in size. If so, you should stack these equally-sized boxes to form a wall at the back of the truck. One challenge is that this approach can cause an avalanche of boxes, so you will need to have the stacked boxes supported so they don't fall over. Straps can help hold the furniture in place.

Assemble Your Equipment

Use moving equipment such as dollies so you do not have to spend as much time carrying your possessions onto the moving truck. This will make the process less exhausting. You will need paper padding to protect those possessions you have not placed in boxes, and you will need packing tape to hold the padding onto the furniture.

Disassemble Furniture

You should disassemble your furniture as much as possible. Not only will this make it easier to move your furniture, but you will also have fewer parts moving around, which would otherwise cause your furniture to become damaged. For example, a dresser drawer might slide out and become damaged.

Furniture with cushions should have the cushions removed. Your beds should be taken completely apart and the bed frames should be taped together. When disassembling your furniture, you will likely have a lot of screws and bolts you will need to take with you. Place them in bags and label all of them so you know which pieces of furniture they correspond to.

Strategically Place Mattresses and Boxsprings

Place your mattresses and boxsprings along the sides of the moving truck to make the maximum use of space. The mattresses also act as their own padding, protecting your possessions from the sides of the moving truck.  

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