Crafting is a fun hobby, and it's one that's great for everyone, from kids all the way on up to the elderly. You can create crafts with your kids at home. Or, if you're a teacher or facilitate other activities with groups, you can bring crafting to your work or hobby. Crafting is perfect for schools, churches, nursing homes, girl and boy scout troops, and so much more. While there are all kinds of fun crafts that you can try and all kinds of crafting supplies to choose from, bead crafts and beads themselves are some of the best. Beads can be bought very cheaply, and you can do so many fun things with them. Read on to learn about some super fun bead crafts you just have to try.

Bracelets and Necklaces

Of course, the most basic bead craft of all is to make necklaces and bracelets. You can have a specific piece of jewelry in mind or you can just let crafters work "free-style" with their beads.

All you need to create bracelets and necklaces is some good strong string or wire, a good selection of beads, and someone who knows how to tie strong knots. If you want to get extra fancy, you can also purchase formal clasps. As another word to the wise, fishing wire usually works best for creating strong, sturdy pieces of jewelry without spending a fortune. However, you are free to get creative and to make your jewelry any way you see fit.

Pretty Vases

An easy craft that's perfect for even young children is to make a bead vase. All you need is a clear vase you can see through. Then, you simply fill the vase half or three quarters full with beads. You can then place flowers or other decorative items into the vase, and the beads will hold them up.

To make this project turn out as pretty as possible, you'll want to use beads in a wide range of different colors. Glittery beads, solid colored beads, and more can look truly gorgeous when they combine. You can also choose to make your beads all one color for a more uniform look. Experiment and have fun putting the beads in to make the perfect vase! Kids will love this activity; just be sure to supervise and to ensure they don't stick beads in their mouths or noses.

Picture Frames

Bead picture frames are another fun craft idea. You simply need a cheap picture frame (you can even make one out of cardboard) for each person doing the craft, a hot glue gun, and plenty of beads.

From there, you can glue the beads to the front of the picture frame, making designs or even covering it entirely for a funky, unique look. Because of the use of the hot glue gun, this project is usually best for older children or adults.

As you can see, there are all types of fun and creative things you can do with beads. Let your imagination run wild! Talk to places like Mayer Import Co Inc Imitation Stones for more information.