Gray has a bad reputation for being a dull and boring color. However, there is nothing dreary about the different shades of gray when it comes to interior home design and decorating.

Gray is taking decorating trends to new levels. Gray's appeal is getting the attention of designers everywhere. It is no surprise when you consider all that gray has to offer.

Why gray is hot

By definition, gray is a neutral color, and it partners well with nearly every color scheme. It is the perfect choice for walls and provides a refreshing change from the traditional beige or white walls seen in homes.

It also allows you the freedom to choose bold accent pieces in vibrant hues. Love orange? Crazy about red? Your favorite colors look even better when paired with gray.

Being a combination of white and black makes gray the perfect companion for the colors it originated from. Black and white are always in style. Together, they are a popular decorating scheme that has stood the test of time.

Gray is also alluring and sophisticated. From the kitchen to the bedroom, gray is a hot color trend. It is enticing even the most conservative designers to step out of their comfort zones and try something new and exciting.

In the kitchen with gray

Want to add some spice to your kitchen? Go for gray cabinets. White countertops bring out the best in gray. Gray tile flooring, a few shades of gray darker than the cabinets, makes for a sophisticated combination that is pleasing to the eye.

Get creative with kitchen décor. Small appliances come in a wide variety of colors. Pick a color you're crazy about. Go for something bright. Try purple, lime green, or yellow. Everything goes with gray.

Taking gray to the living room

Why not choose a dark gray sofa and team it up with a few white chairs? Light gray walls can be accented by white trim to bring out gray's ultimate appeal. Toss a few soft coral or teal pillows on the sofa to create a sexy and serene mood.

Don't be afraid to try something new and daring. A bold geometrical or floral rug can be used as a focal point in the center of the room to bring out the best in gray.

Sleeping with gray

Don't be shy when it comes to inviting gray into your bedroom. Try a medium shade of gray for the walls. Sheer white curtains will add romance. Go for a white comforter for the bed. Then the fun begins. Add plenty of black and white pillows, in floral or patterned designs, as accent pieces for the bed. Who knew neutral colors could be so much fun?

There really is no limit to what you can do with gray. Gray's subtle and alluring shades will transform your home into a vibrant living space, one room at a time. Once you fall under the power of gray, you will never be the same again. Contact a professional like Jackson Interior Design & Furnishing Company for assistance.