Just because you can't see bugs or rodents in your home, this doesn't mean you don't have an infestation or serious problem behind the walls and under your floorboards. Bugs and rodents and other such pests typically try to avoid coming into contact with humans so they tend to stick to unoccupied parts of the home or only come out at night.

If you suspect you have a problem with bugs or other pests, remember there are telltale signs that your home has an infestation. Consider a few of those signs so you can determine if you should call an exterminator.

1. Small black droppings in your kitchen

If you notice small black droppings in your kitchen, don't be quick to assume it's just dirt or even pepper. These are usually roach droppings and you may see them on your countertops and especially near your sink. Roaches search a home not just for food but also for hydration, so they may tend to crawl into your sink to get drops of water for themselves. You may also notice these droppings under your sink and anywhere near your trash, if you don't have a canister with a lid.

2. Small holes in corners of walls

Rodents and other pests like to eat away at drywall so you may find small holes in the corners of walls where they begin chewing. These corners provide a good place for them to nestle their long teeth so they're a favorite spot for mice and rats to chew. Once the holes are big enough they may then slide in and out, looking for food. If you notice dropping of any sort around these small holes, this too is a sure sign that you have rodents.

3. Your dog or cat is acting strangely

Rats especially leave a very distinct odor with their droppings and urine, and animals can often sense this odor more readily than humans. They may follow it to see what type of creature they might find, so if you see your dogs or cats sniffing something along the floors and the wall, this may be a sign that you have rats.

Cats especially may crouch in certain areas of the home if they can sense mice or rats since these are typically their prey when out in the wild. Dogs may also growl at areas where rats and mice nest. If you notice these behaviors in your pets, call an exterminator (such as those from Greenleaf Organic Pest Management).