Keeping your home cool is more than just turning on the air conditioner. It is about making adjustments to your home and way of thinking. Energy costs can eat up your budget during the summer months and leave you regretting the use of your air conditioner. Here are nine great ways to keep your home cool without raising your bills.

  1. Install awnings. An awning installed by professionals, such as Lehman Awning Co, in front of the windows in your home that the sun beats down on can keep the heat away. Even though you have to pay for the awnings, you will see your investment pay off in no time. 
  2. Plant trees. In addition to the awnings, plant some trees around your home. The trees will help to cut down on the sun streaming in your yard. They will also keep your home from absorbing so much heat. 
  3. Choose cool meals. Instead of hot meals on hot days, eat cool meals. The cooler meals will help bring down your body's internal temperature which means you do not feel so hot on summer days.
  4. Turn off the lights. LEDs and compact fluorescents can make your home seem hotter due to the amount of heat generated by them as they light up the area. When you can, shut off the lights. 
  5. Open your windows. At night, when the temperatures drop, open your windows so the cool air can circulate freely through your home. Use fans to help push the cool night air throughout the area.
  6. Change your bedding. During the winter time, flannel sheets are great for keeping you warm, but in the summer months, they can be a nightmare. Switch your sheets out for lighter cotton sheets. 
  7. Turn off appliances. Heat generating appliances, such as your dryer, stoves, and washers, can make it more difficult to bear the summer months. Only run the appliances that you need.
  8. Turn on the dehumidifier. If you live in an area that has high humidity, the dehumidifier can help keep you cool. The device takes the humidity out of the air and are energy-efficient.
  9. Use ice cubes. Place a bowl with ice in front of a fan in your home to cool down the air in an efficient manner. As the ice melts, the air from the fan will pick up the cool air and spread it. 

The summer does not have to translate to a major jump in your utility bills. Being creative and smart can help keep your household cool while conserving on energy.