If your child is afraid of spiders, as many people are, you most likely do not want these pests getting onto outdoor activity equipment. Spiders aid in the removal of other insects in an area; however, if there is a real fear present, it is most likely preferable to eliminate the arachnids from your property altogether. Here are some tips you can use to keep spiders from taking up residence on swing sets, plastic toys, and other outside items your child will be likely to use.

Store Items Appropriately During Cooler Weather

Smaller children's toys such as plastic see-saws, slides, and sporting equipment should be stored in plastic bags to keep spiders from hiding themselves in cracks and crevices in the pieces. Make sure to wipe down each item before placing it a bag to store in your garage, shed, or enclosed porch.

Items that cannot be removed from your yard, such as swing sets or a sandbox should be cleaned off in their entirety at the end of the autumn season in preparation for cooler weather. Take the time to vacuum up any webs and wipe down the items to remove any spiders and egg sacs. Consider using plastic shrink-wrap to protect items from stowaways.

Place Items In The Best Location In Your Yard

When it is time to bring out your child's equipment for the warmer season, it is best to place pieces in a spot where spiders are less likely to be present. Spiders tend to stick around shaded areas. Placing your child's activity items in an area with direct sunlight will ensure there will be a reduced number of spiders waiting to take up residence on or in the equipment pieces. Placing items in a spot where there are no overhanging tree branches is also best. Keeping the landscaping in this area maintained will also minimize spider population. Take the time to mow and weed-wack frequently to keep numbers low.

Make Your Child's Play Area Less Attractive

As soon as you see a web on one of your child's playthings, knock it down promptly. Spiders that need to keep recreating their webs will likely move to another area to trap their food. Keep lights away from your child's items during nighttime hours. This will attract bugs, making spiders stay in the area to capture a meal. Instead, turn off lights in the area by your child's belongings and turn on one near another area of your home where your child does not frequent. This will cause spiders to move to this area instead as insects will be abundant in the area. Keeping lights off completely will keep insects and spiders away. 

Consider spraying lavender oil on your child's swing set and individual play items to keep spiders at bay as well. Spiders tend to stay away from this scent and will move on to other areas to search for food. Citrus oil also works well in deterring spiders.