Perennial wildflowers make some of the most beautiful flower beds and they will return year after year without needing to be replanted. While many gardeners love putting their wildflower beds in full sunlight areas, not everyone has the sunny space to do this. Fortunately, there are several types of perennial wildflowers that grow in partial shade just as well. These are some of the different perennial wildflower seeds that can be planted in those shady areas of your yard.

Lance Leaf Coreopsis 

Lance Leaf Coreopsis are a favorite type of perennial wildflower for many gardeners. These flowers do well in both full sun and partial shade. They are tall growing plants that have vibrant golden yellow flowers that bloom from early summer to fall. 

These plants look beautiful growing in meadows or fields. However, they are also perfect for planting in flower beds next to a fence or tree in a shady location. Lance Leaf Coreopsis are hardy plants that thrive for many years and are also resistant to being eaten by deer or other wildlife.

Purple Coneflowers 

Purple Coneflowers are another type of perennial wildflower that grows well in shaded areas. These tall plants have gorgeous purple blooms that add beauty to any flower garden throughout the summer. 

Purple Coneflowers are excellent for cut flower bouquets and also attract both hummingbirds and butterflies wherever they are planted. These plants are very easy to grow and require little maintenance to keep them looking bright and healthy.


Forget-Me-Not plants are a favorite plant among gardeners all over the world. These flowers are often planted as a memorial for loved ones who have passed, but are also appreciated simply for their delicate blue blooms.

These plants are a medium height and will thrive perfectly in both partially and fully shaded areas. Forget-Me-Nots are also excellent for cut flowers and bloom vividly through spring and summer.

Johnny Jump Ups 

If you prefer flowers that grow close to the ground, Johnny Jump Ups are ideal in both flower beds and as ground coverings. These low-growing plants have stunning purple and yellow blooms. They look especially beautiful surrounding the bases of trees or inside window boxes. Johnny Jump Ups bloom from spring to fall in shaded areas and often spread as they multiply from year to year.

By using a combination of full sun, partial shade and full shade growing wildflower seeds, it is easy to create a breathtaking flower garden on your property. If you use only perennial seeds, you will only need to plant them once and then enjoy seeing them return each year. Once you pick the flowers that are right for you, you can find wildflower seed packets in any home and garden store.