It's absolutely critical to make sure that your attic is well-insulated for the winter. Without a proper amount of insulation, your heating bills could skyrocket as the weather gets colder because so much of the heat that you are paying for is escaping through the top of your house. If you don't want a heating bill in the hundreds of dollars every month, you will want to prepare early and choose a form of insulation that works best for your house's situation. One of the most versatile types of insulation is blown insulation.

Blown insulation is essentially when insulation material, such as fiberglass or cellulose, is chopped up into tiny pieces and then blown into the area that needs to be insulated, creating an insulation layer that will prevent heat from leaving your house. There are three main advantages associated with using blown insulation.

1. You Can Fill Any Space With It

Even though bats and boards of insulation are slightly less expensive than using blown insulation, they have a major downside. They don't work well in tight, constrained areas. Either you are satisfied with having small corners not covered with insulation, or you switch to blown insulation for these areas alone. Many people decide to just go with blown insulation from the start because it works for large and small areas.

Blown insulation is especially good for small areas because the tiny particles of the insulation leave no room or other problematic gaps that would cause you to lose heat. All of the particles fall together and can even be pressed down to further prevent gaps.

2. You Can Choose To Use Recycled Materials With No Penalty

In board or bat form, cellulose, which is made out of recycled newspaper, is not quite as effective as fiberglass because it doesn't have the same density. However, in blown form, you can choose to use cellulose and have it be just as effective as fiberglass because when all of the insulation particles are pressed together, density isn't nearly as important. Using recycled materials will help reduce your house's carbon footprint.

3. It's Easy to Maintain

If you have any concerns about your blown insulation, you can simply hire an insulation contractor to come and blow more insulation into your home. If your bat or board of insulation is damaged, you will have to remove the entire thing and replace it. For more information, contact a business such as All Weather Shield Inc.