When you begin looking for home interior projects, there are certain things you look for. You want something that will transform the space, look professional, and above all, stay trendy for as long as possible. Finding the projects is usually not the problem however, finding a trend that can be useful for several years can be an issue. Here are three home interior project trends that may be the ideal solution to your décor and longevity issues.

Pet Nooks

A popular trend in pet homes and interior sleeping areas is to create a pet nook. If you have a stairwell with a storage closet underneath, then you already have most of what you need to create this option.  To create the nook, remove the door from the storage room giving your pet the free access they need to the area. You can add a soft bed, food and water bowl, and a gate to keep your pet in their nook similarly to a crate method. The reason this trend may work well for pet owners is due to the ease of reversing the area back to a storage room. Simply add the door back on and clean the area.

Unique Shower Doors

When you begin to look at bathroom trends and upgrading your bathroom look, you may feel a bit trapped within the traditional door options. For example, you have a sliding door, glass screen, frameless screen, and shower curtain option. These are usually the only ones to choose from, but recently some unique shower door ideas have come into the home interior decorating spotlight.

One of these unique ideas is to use French doors as your shower door option. These doors are water sealed and used as a partition between the exterior and interior of the shower. You can choose to use frosted glass, tinted glass, or a shower curtain for privacy as well.

Framing Out Items

Bathroom mirrors, kitchen backsplashes, and other areas of the home may seem a bit bare or unfinished. One way that some home decorating enthusiasts are using to finish these areas with a professional and unique flair is to frame them out. This can be done with traditional timber options in a simple frame design around the area or with mosaic tiles, wood planks, glass beads, and any other material you feel shows your design taste.

These are just three trendy home projects that you can consider. Remember, if you want to get the most longevity out of the project make sure you are choosing one that can easily be redone, upgraded, or converted.