Wooden wagon wheels are used in all different ways when it comes to home decor. People use them as table tops, flower plants or as chandelier bases. If you are looking for a unique way to incorporate the rustic look of a wooden wagon wheel into your own interior design plans, consider using one that is converted into a clock. This unique idea will be able to be used as an eye-catching wall hanging that has a purpose. Here are some instructions for you to use to make your own wooden wagon wheel clock.

Materials You Will Need

  • Clock mechanism (can be purchased online or from a clock or hobby store)
  • Metal numbers (the type you use to put on your front porch to show your house number)
  • Sandpaper in coarse-, medium- and fine-grit
  • Stain in desired color
  • Clean cloth
  • Small paintbrush
  • Medium paintbrush
  • Polyurethane
  • Wood cement
  • Picture hanging hardware
  • Batteries

Preparing The Wheel

You will first want to sand down the surfaces of your wagon wheel so no one will accidentally get a splinter from unfinished wood. To make it smooth, use a piece of coarse-grit sandpaper and lightly sand all surfaces going with the grain of the wood. After you have done the entire wheel, switch to medium-grit sand paper and repeat the same process.

You will finish up with the fine-grit sandpaper to make the entire wood pieces smooth to the touch. It make take a while to remove all slivers and shreds in the wood, but with perseverance, the wheel will end up with a silky-smooth finish.

Staining The Wheel

After you have finished sanding your wooden wagon wheel, you will want to stain it to the color you desire. Use a clean cloth to apply stain directly to the wooden wheel. Rub it into the surface, making sure to mop up any excess stain with the cloth. You can use a small paintbrush to get stain into the areas where the spokes meet the base, as these are a little difficult to get color upon without a small instrument. Use your medium-sized paintbrush to add a coating of polyurethane to the wheel when the stain has dried. Let the polyurethane dry completely.

Adding Clock Features

After your wheel is prepared, you will want to add the clock features to your wall hanging. Place batteries in the clock mechanism. Glue the back of the mechanism to what you wish to be the front of your clock. You will be using wood cement to glue it to the middle portion of your wheel. Allow to dry thoroughly before adding the numerals to the sides of the wheel.

Use a ruler or line up the numbers the best you can by sight so they have equal space between them on the wheel base. Place them around the wheel in the correct positioning using your wood glue. Allow to dry. Glue the picture hanging hardware to the top of the back of the clock and adorn from the wall of your choice.